Bombay Blue Herbal Incence Review

Evening all tonight’s presentation is brought to you by Bombay Blue,

Bombay Blue comes in 2g, 3g, and 5g foil packs with the tagline, “An exotic blend of Eastern Surprise!” this sounds very promising indeed as the manufacturer stated on the website “Burn Bombay Blue incense, stick up a photo of the Taj Mahal and pretend you are in your very own Bollywood movie!” tho funnily enough I believe this more than his clame that” it is an ancient blend used my shamans”! Yeah pull the other one it’s got bells on!!!!

Despite all that I have heard great things about this blend and I have got to now try myself. The packaging is promising a nice resalable bag (gotta be a must have by now). The image on the front of the bag is just a cheap sticker – mine is already beginning to peel off!!  The incense is self is a bit twiggy but was told to prepare for that so I have my trusty grinder to hand and it does grind well.

I have had many recommendations about bonging this particular blend, so to get the most out of my Bombay blue “experience” I follow suit. Firing up my bowl with .03g I happily inhale and leaning back exhaling a cloud of smoke that almost takes me with it- the buzz from this is so intense and feels to be climbing and everything is getting heavy and useless, including me! The sofa is calling my name and the urge to watch something with bright colours – ok I admit it’s a cartoon is becoming overwhelming, I’m feeling quite chilled so I take another hit ….. That idea was not one of my best as I spent the next 40 mins in a state of vegibility (unable to move or think) fortunately I came through unscathed with only a mild case of the munchies – easily cured by dominos.

This blend is defiantly not for the faint hearted – I defiantly understand the extreme sticker on the front of the packaging!!!  Wain all is said and done this provides a very deep stoned feeling which may please some of you but it is not my cup of tea especially when there is such a fine line between just right and too much and for that it has to be marked down I would not recommend this to anyone new to the world of herbal incense I fear it would put them off.